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FILE: address-book

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Address Book
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 02:00
Source: docs

The Address Book can contain a list of email addresses, each with a
more easily remembered name.

The Name can be used in the To, Cc, Bcc, and Reply-To fields of the
Write Mail window.  When the mail message is posted, these Names are
translated to the corresponding email addresses.  An error is
flagged if a Name is not recognised.

Viewing the Address Book

The contents of the Address Book can be shown by either:
   1.  Selecting the "Address Book" option from the Pluto icon bar icon.
   2.  Pressing F7 in the Write Mail window.
   3.  Selecting "Addr Book" from the Write Mail window menu.

The Address Book menu allows the Address Book to be sorted by either:
   Name        - the full name.
   Last Name   - the surname, or last word of the name.
   Address     - the email address.
   Colour      - (see below).

Adding to the Address Book

The email address of the sender of the currently displayed article
in the Article Viewer can be added to the Address Book by pressing
F7 in the Article Viewer window.

Entries can also be added to the Address Book by clicking the Add
button (Plus Sign icon) on the Address Book button

Using the Address Book

Click with the Menu button over the To, Cc, Bcc, or Reply-To fields
of the Write Mail window.

This brings up the Address Book. Click on an entry from the Address
Book, and it will be added to the field in the Write Mail window.


Each entry in the Address Book is shown with a coloured indicator by
it.  These can be used to distinguish different categories of
addresses.  By default, the Grey colour is used, but a different
colour can be selected by clicking the appropriate coloured button
in the Address Entry edit dialogue.

Importing Address Book from Voyager

If you already have an address book set up in Voyager, you can
transfer its contents into Pluto by using the !GetAdrLis application
which can be found on the Argo ftp site (under ArgoRelated).

This produces a CSV file from Voyager's address book.  To add this to
Pluto's address book, drop the CSV file which !GetAdrLis produces
(which is called EmailLists.Addresses), onto Pluto's Address Book

If there is a name already in Pluto's address book which is the same
as a name from the Voyager address book, it will not be overwritten
by the Voyager one.

!GetAdrLis also extracts distribution lists (mail lists) from
Voyager.  These can be edited manually (see below) to produce Pluto
Distribution Lists. 

Importing Hotlist from the ANT Suite

Drop the ANT Hotlist file (filetype HTML) onto Pluto's Address Book
window.  Any email addresses (mailto: URL's) in the Hotlist will be
added to the address book.

Importing Address Book from Marcel (ANT Suite)

Drop the Marcel address book file (UserDir.!MarcelDir.Files.aliases)
onto Pluto's Address Book window. 

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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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