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FILE: delivery-of-messages-to-boxes

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Delivery of Messages to Boxes
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 17:55
Source: docs

Delivery of Messages


This section describes how Pluto delivers incoming messages to a Box.

1.  Filters can be set up to change the delivery of messages to boxes.

2.  If an incoming message is delivered to the Bin box, either by its
normal delivery assignment, or by the use of a Filter, then it is
discarded completely.  It does not appear in the Bin box.


Each News article is assigned to one newsgroup.

In the case of a cross-posted news article which has been posted to more
than one group, it will be assigned to the one which is highest up
Pluto's NewsGroups List and which is marked as active.  If none are
active, then the highest non-active group will be chosen.

The article is put into the Box which is specified for that newsgroup in
its NewsGroup Edit dialogue.

If the Crossposts option is set in Preferences->News, then a separate
copy of the article will be made for each of its newsgroups.  Each copy
will be in placed the Box which has been specified for that newsgroup.


Mail delivery works by looking at the email addresses which you set up
for each of your Users in the Users List.

Choose  Lists->Users  from Pluto's icon bar menu to show the Users List
and adjust-double-click on a User to open its User Edit dialogue.  The 
User Id  and  Domain  fields give the User's email address.  For example,
if your address is
then it should be set to:
	User Id    john
	Domain   somewhere.demon.co.uk

For each email message which Pluto receives, it looks for a match for any
of the emails addresses for your users against those present in the To:,
Cc:, and Envelope-To: fields (in that order) of the message.  If a match
is found, then the message is assigned to the "In Box" which has been
specified for that User.

If no match is found, the addresses in the message are matched against
those set up for Mailing Lists (see below).

If still no match is found, the message is put into the Box for your
first User in the Users List.

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are set up in Pluto's NewsGroups list, in a similar way to
newsgroups, but with the  Mail List  option ticked.  The mailing list's
address is prefixed by "mail."  For example the Ovation Pro mailing list,
whose address is
is set up in the NewsGroups List as a "newsgroup" with the name:
if you need to match more of the address to distinguish between two
mailing lists.

If this name matches the first part of an address in the message, then it
is assigned to the Box which has been given for that mailing list (in the
NewsGroup Edit dialogue).


Whatever Box a message has been assigned to as described above, this may
be changed by the action of a Filter.  Filters are set up in the Filters
List which is reached from Lists->Filters from Pluto's icon bar menu. 
A Filter can be set to operate on Mail, News, or Mail List articles.

NOTE, if a Filter is set to assign certain messages to the Bin box, then
the message is discarded completely.  It does not appear in the Bin box. 
If you want to see which messages have been binned by the Filter, assign
them instead to a Junk box, and give that Box a short expiry period.

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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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