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FILE: document-boxes-folders

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Document Boxes (Folders)
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 22:20
Source: docs

Each article is contained within one Box.  Articles can be moved
between boxes by using the Archive buttons (Green filing cabinet icons)
in the Article Viewer and Article Lists windows.

A number of Boxes have been set up initially.  You can add additional
boxes or delete them. 

Click with Select on the icon bar icon to bring up the list of
document boxes.

Double-click on a box from the list to open it, displaying the
articles which it contains.  Note, if the box has the "Hide read
items" shown, then only unread and locked articles will be seen when
the box is opened.  You can click on the Expand List button (up/down
arrow icon) in the article list to toggle the hiding of read
articles on and off.

Adjust-Double-Click on a box to edit it.
   Rename    gives the box a different name.

   Strip Internet Headers    if this option is set, then internet headers
             will be stripped from an article when it enters this box.
             It is useful to strip headers from articles when putting them
             into "storage" boxes, to save space.

   Hide Read Items.
      If this option is set, then only unread and locked articles will be
      displayed when the box is opened.  If the sorting used for this box
      is multi-level, then a higher level item is shown if any of its
      members are unread or locked.

      Click on this button to add password protection to the Box.
      The password will be needed to:
          open the box,
          edit the box (including changing the password)
          move articles into the box from other boxes.

      When specifying the password, you will be asked to type it
      twice, to avoid error.  Once entered, the password cannot
      be read back, so make sure that you don't forget it.

      To remove the password protection, set the password to nothing
      (i.e. leave the password field empty).

   Editable Articles.
      If selected, then articles in this Box are editable
      without having to click on the Write button in the Article Viewer and
      choose the Edit option.

   Archive To.
      This is the box to which articles in this box are archived to by
      Adjust clicking on the Archive button in the Article Viewer window,
      or an article list.  (Select-clicking on an Archive button will
      display a menu of boxes for you to choose from).

   Sort On.
      Specifies the order in which the article list for this box is to
      be sorted.  The sort type also defines the layout of the article
      Sort types can be changed and added to by Preferences->Sorting from
      the icon bar menu.

      A value in days.  Any unlocked articles which are older than
      this (as determined from their Date field) will be expired the
      next time that Pluto is started.

      A value of zero indicates that no expiry is to take place.

      The Preferences->Misc dialogue contains an "Allow Expiry" option.
      If that is not set, then no expiry will take place in any boxes.

   Expiry To.
      This specifies which box articles are to be expired to.
      You can set this to "Bin" if you want to delete articles,
      or to another box, if you want to just move them somewhere else.

   Use N/G Expiry Period.
      If this option is ticked, then the expiry period which has been
      set for each newsgroup will be used.  If this is not a news article,
      or if the newsgroup does not have an expiry period set, then the
      expiry period for the Box will be used instead.

      A box cannot be deleted if it has any articles in it.
      There is currently no check for whether it is referenced from
      other places (other boxes, news preferences, users preferences).

Changing the Order of the Boxes List

   You can change the position of a box in the Boxes List.
   Select one box in the boxes list.
   Use Shift-Up-Arrow and Shift-Down-Arrow to move the box up or
   down in the list.

Show Outgoing Messages

   The orange square (better icon is needed), shows a list of outgoing
   news and mail messages, which have been posted, and are awaiting
   connection to the Internet to be transmitted.
   Outgoing articles can be edited or deleted from that list.


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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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