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FILE: filter-killfile

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Filter/Killfile
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 12:35
Source: docs

Incoming news and mail messages can be recognised as unwanted,
according to various criteria, and be diverted into the Bin box, or
a special box for Junk (which you can set to have a short expiry time).

This mechanism can also be used as a filter to sort incoming news
and mail messages into various boxes, for example, to send all
messages from a particular person, or a specified newsgroup, to a
specified box.

Note: Don't use the Filter to separate articles for a Mail List. 
Instead, set up the Mail List in the NewsGroups list (from
Lists->NewsGroups from Pluto's icon bar menu).

Setting Up Filter Entries

Choose "Lists->Filters" from the icon bar menu to display the filter list.

You can add a new entry to the filter list by clicking on the "Plus"
button.  This brings up a dialogue box with the following fields:

   Type:  Which field in the message is to be examined (see below).

   Box:   The box into which matching messages are to be put.
          The default box name which is used here can be set with
          the Preferences->Misc dialogue.

   Copy To:  If set, a copy of the message will also go into this box.

   Expiry: A date (in the form  01 Sep 98).  The filter will be
          automatically deleted after this date.

          If you type a single number (rather than  a date)into this field,
          it will be added to today's date to give the expiry date.

   Mail:  Tick if you want incoming Mail messages to be matched against
          this entry.

   Mail Lists:  Tick if you want Mail List messages to be matched against
          this entry.

   News:  Tick if you want incoming News messages to be matched against
          this entry.

   The widest field is for the string to be matched against, see below.

The "Type" field be one of the following:

   Author  This matches the sender of the message against the specified
           string, which should be of the form:

   Domain  This matches the domain part of the sender's address.  The
           string should have the form:

   TitleStart  This looks for a match with the specified string at the
           start of the message's Title.

   Title   This looks for a match with the specified string anywhere
           within the message title.  The # character can be used as a
           wildcard to match any single character.

   NewsThread  This looks through the References: part of the message header
           for a match with the specified string.  This can be used to
           filter messages which are replies to the one with this
           message-id.  The string should be in the form:

   Path    This looks for a match of the specified string with the END
           of the Path: string in the message's header.  This can be used
           to recognise news messages coming from a particular sender
           even when the sender's address is faked.

   NewsGroup  This will look for a match in the Newsgroups: part of a
           message header.  This can be useful to kill unwanted cross-
           posted messages if you find that these often cross-posted
           to another group which aren't receiving yourself.

   Header  Searches through the Internet Header of the message for the
           specified string.

   Text    Searches through the Text of the message (not including the
           Internet Header) for the specified string.

   NumGroups   Filters messages which are cross-posted to more than the
           specified number of newsgroups.

The Tick and Cross buttons allow you to temporarily disable filter
entries which have been selected.

The Bin button allows you to delete the killfile entries which have been

Setting Killfile Entries from the Article Viewer

You can choose the "Killfile Add" option from the Article Viewer menu. 
This can automatically set up the Title, Author, Domain, or Message-ID
from the current article into the Killfile Entry dialogue.

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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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