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FILE: get-going-ant

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Get Going: ANT
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 01:00
Source: docs


Run !InetSuite. This is necessary so that InetSuite sets up various
system variables which say where files and directories are.

Copy the !Pluto application directory onto your harddisc.

From the !Pluto iconbar menu, select Preferences->News.

Click over the boxes to the right of "News Transport" and "Mail
Transport" and select "ANT" from the menu.  This will look at the
system variables which InetSuite has set up to indicate where the
News and Mail incoming and outgoing directories are.  Pluto also
reads ANT's subscribed-newsgroup list at this point.

Once this has been done, then it can find them even though InetSuite
is not running.

You need to change InetSuite's News and Mail configuration files, to
incoming raw news and mail being automatically read into Marcel when
they arrive.

Edit !InetSuite.Internet.Files.!InetMail.  Change the DeliverAuto:
option to OFF.

Edit !InetSuite.Internet.Files.!InetNews.  Change the UnbatchAuto:
option to OFF.

Set Up News Details

Set the "Domain" field to the part of your email address which follows
@ symbol, eg. "argonet.co.uk" or "something.demon.co.uk".

Set the U.name field to your main email name (i.e. the name before
the @ in your email address).  This is only used by Pluto in the
Path: line in outgoing news postings.

Click OK.

Set Up User/Mail Details

From the !Pluto icon bar icon, select Lists->Users.

This should bring up a Users list which contains one user name - Fred
Bloggs.  Adjust-Double-click on this to bring up the User dialogue

Change the "User Id" to your user name.  This is the name that
precedes the "@" synbol in your email address.

Type your full name into "Name".

Make sure that the "In Box" and "Log Box" fields are set to
the document boxes into which you want incoming and logged-outgoing
mails to appear.

To set up a signature file for this user, click on the "Edit Sig"
button.  This brings up an editor window into which you can type
your sig.  If you already have a signature file somewhere, just drop
it into this text window. 

Click OK.

If you have additional email addresses, these can be added by
clicking the Add button (black Plus sign icon) on the Users list

You may want to use different "In Box" and "Log Box" for each email
address, so you may need to create additional document Boxes for
these. See below.

Transfering Stored News From ANT

Look inside !InetSuite.Internet.Spool.News

Drag each of the news storage directories, "comp", "alt", etc
(but not "Input"), onto the Pluto icon bar icon.

This will load all the files (recursively) into the article data
base. They will be placed in the document Box which is specified in
the "In Box" field of the Preferences->News dialogue.

If you have a lot of news articles stored, then this will take some

Click with Select on the !Pluto icon bar icon to open the list of
Boxes. The numbers on the line for "News In" indicate the number of
unread and read articles respectively in that box.

Double click on the "News In" line to open the "News In" box.  An
empty window, titled "News In" should appear.  It's empty because
the News In box is set up to show only unread articles.

Click on the Up/Down arrow button (last on the right on the button
bar) to toggle between showing all or just unread articles.

Transferring Stored Mails From ANT

Find the stored mail files in Internet.UserDir.Mail or whereever.

Drop each of these onto the !Pluto icon bar icon.  The "Import"
dialogue box will open which will allow you to specify which Box the
articles go into.

If the ANT stored mail file is a log of outgoing messages (eg "sent"),
then select the "Is this a Log of O/G Messages" option in Pluto's
Import dialogue box. 

Transferring Hotlist and Address Book from ANT

You can automatically add any email addresses from the ANT Hotlist
and Marcel's Address Book into Pluto's address book.

Select the "Address Book" option from Pluto's icon bar menu, to open
the Address Book window.  Drop the ANT Hotlist file (filetype HTML)
onto the Adress Book window.  Any mailto: items from the Hotlist will
be added to the address book. 

Drop Marcel's address book (UserDir.!MarcelDir.Files.aliases) onto
Pluto's address book window.

Debatching Incoming News and Mail

Run !InetSuite and Connect to fetch news and mail from the Internet.

Once Transfer is complete,
Click on the "Fetch" button of !Pluto's Boxes list window to debatch
the news and mail articles from InetSuite's incoming news and mail

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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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