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FILE: preferences

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Preferences
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997 00:40
Source: docs

Accessed from Preferences->Fonts from the icon bar menu.

This allows you to choose the fonts which are used to display

   Lists      various lists (of articles, boxes, users)
   Print      used for printing
   Text       used in the Article Viewer, Edit Mail, and Edit News windows.

The Height and Width values have no effect if System Font is used.

If System Font is used for printing, then simple (fast) character
printing is performed, sending ascii character codes to the printer. 
For other fonts, graphics printing is used, which will be slower.

Please note that the "Short Header" and "Remove Sig" options do not
currently work with Print fonts other than System Font.

If you are using a 16 colour display, then the use of System Font is
recommended for "Text".  This is because coloured text cannot be
properly anti-aliased using the 16 Wimp colours.


Allows you to set up your own Sort criteria and their associated display formats.

(More to be written on this).


   Whenever you select a value for this field, Pluto will remember the
   pathnames that it needs (raw news and mail files, etc).  You will
   need to re-select the Transport here if you move the transport
   application to a different directory.

(Mostly discussed in the "Getting Started" document)

News Backups
   When a raw news file is de-batched, a copy is kept in the Backup
   directory inside the application.  This option specifies how many
   backups are kept. The backups are named "News1", "News2", etc., with
   "News1" being the most recent.

In Box
   Specifies into which document box incoming news articles are placed.

Log Box
   Specifies into which document box copys of outgoing news postings are

Mail Lists
   Specifies into which document box incoming mail list articles are

Text Box
   Specifies into which document box articles, which are dropped onto
   the icon bar icon, are placed.  Dropping a directory onto the icon
   bar icon will put all text files in the directory (and recursively
   from sub-directories), into this document box.

   If a tag option is selected, then a tagline is randomly selected
   from the Choices.Tags file when a news article is posted.  This option
   allows you a choice of tag position, before or after the
   sig.seperator, or at the end of the signature.

Extra Header Lines
   If this option is selected, then the contents of the file
     Choices.NewsHead are added to the Internet Header of outgoing
   news postings.

Mail Backups
   Similar to News Backups, but for copies of raw mail files which
   have been de-batched.  These are called  "Mail1", "Mail2", etc.

Send Acks
   If this option is set, then automatic acknowledgements will be
   sent for emails which contain a Return-Receipt-To: line in their
   headers.  This is done when the raw email file is debatched.


This opens the list of Users.
You should set up this to show all your email user names.

Click Add to create a new user.

Adjust-Double-click on an entry to bring up a dialogue box to change
details for that user.


Edit Style
   Clipboard.  Ctrl-C copies marked text to clipboard.
               Ctrl-X cuts marked text to clipboard.
               Ctrl-V pastes from clipboard to cursor.
               Typing a character while text is selected, unselects
               the text but does not delete it.

   WipeOut     As Clipboard, but typing any character will cut the
               selected text to the clipboard.

   Edit        !Edit style.
               Ctrl-C copies marked text to cursor position.
               Ctrl-X deletes marked text.
               Ctrl-V moves marked text to cursor position.

Confirm Delete
   This controls whether warnings are given when you attempt to
   delete the article from the Article Viewer window, by clicking
   the Delete (Bin) button, or by typing CTRL-K.

   Confirm All:     Always ask for confirmation.
   Confirm Locked:  Ask for confirmation for Locked and Marked articles.
   Allow All:       Never ask for confirmation.

Allow Expiry
   Allows the expiry settings which are defined for the various boxes to
   be used.  If this option is not set, then no expiry takes place.

Allow Expiry on Active Threads
   If this option is not set, then no articles will be expired from
   a thread until they are all ready to expire.

Initial Select User
   If this option is set and if there is more than one user set up
   (see Preferences->Users), then when you first start Pluto, you will
   be presented with the Users List window.  You have to select a user
   from the list before the Boxes List will open.

Box for Junk
   This specifies the Box which is set by default into the Filter
   entry dialogue.

Path for Save Article
   A path name, to precede the filename "Article" when saving from
   the Article Viewer window, and to precede "Article_Out" when saving
   from the Edit Mail or Edit News windows.


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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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