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FILE: sending-messages

From: Jonathan Duddington 
Subject: Sending Messages
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997 02:40
Source: docs


Click on the Write button in the Article Viewer button bar, to bring up the Reply dialogue.  This asks whether you want to send a Mail or News message.
Options given are:

   Reply & Quote.
      This will quote the text of the original article, indenting it
      with a quotation indicator.

   Reply & Forward.
      This copies the text of the original article, but does not indent
      it or add quotation indicators.

   Reply - blank.
      No text from the original article is copied.

   Remove Sig.
      This option removes the signature when copying from the original
      article.  This option is set by default when there is a signature.

   Selected Text Only.
      This option copies only the selected text from the original article.
      It is set by default if any text is selected.

      This opens the Write Mail window, to allow you to compose an email.
      Confirmation is requested if you attempt to reply to a news article
      by writeing an email.

      This opens the Write News window, to allow you to compose a news

      This adds the contents (or the selected text) from the Article
      Viewer window onto the end of the text in the Write Mail or Write
      News window (which must already be open).  This is useful if you want
      to quote from more than one article in the message which you are

      This allows you to edit the text in the Article Viewer window,
      which is otherwise write-protected.

Article Editing

The menu and key commands which are available in the Write Mail and Write
News windows are the same as in the Article Viewer window, except that
editing is allowed.

The Ctrl-F (format text command) is particularly useful to tidy up
paragraphs which have been messed up by word-wrapping of long lines
of text.

The Write Mail and Write News windows show the currently selected user
name (in the box to the right of the Bin icon).  This determines the
"From" address and the signature in the outgoing message.  You can
change the current user by clicking with Menu over this field.

Posting Emails

The Expand Header button (Yellow Triangle) in the Write Mail window
reveals extra lines in the email's header:

   Cc       Additional copies of the email are ignt to any addresses
            in this field, and these addresses are included in a Cc:
            line in the email's internet header.

   Bcc      As Cc, but these addresses are not shown in the email's
            internet header, so they are not visible to people who
            receive the message.

   Reply to   Set this if you want people to reply to a different email
            address from the one associated with your user name.

If the "Ack" option is set, then the email header will contain a 
Return-Receipt-To line, asking for an acknowledgement message when the
email is received.  The default setting for this option is controlled
from the User dialogue.

Posting News Articles

A warning is given if you attempt to post to more than one newsgroup.
This is to make sure that you realise that the original article, and
hence your reply, are cross-posted to a number of newsgroups.

You can request that replies to your message are posted to a different
set of newsgroups from the ones you ignd the article to, by setting
the "Follow Ups" option in the Write News window, and writing the new
newsgroup name(s) in the field to its right.

The Write News window includes an "Email to" field.  You can enter an
email address here in order to ignd a copy of your message as an
email.  This field is normally hidden, but can be revealed by
clicking the Expand Header button (Yellow Triangle icon).


To iend a file as an attachment with a message, drag the file icon
and drop it onto the BUTTON BAR of the Write News or Write Mail

Anything dropped into the TEXT window will be inserted into the text
at the cursor position, although if the filetype is not Text, or if
the file is very large, a warning will be given.

Outgoing Message Logs

When an email or news message is posted from the Write Mail or Write
News windows, a copy is put into the appropriate Log box.

The log box for News postings is specified in the Preferences->News

The log box for Mail postings is specified in the User dialogue for
whatever user name is currently selected.

Viewing Posted Messages

When a message (news or email) is posted, by clicking on the red pillar
box button, it is stored in an outgoing message directory, waiting for
the next time when you connect to the internet.

You can view your waiting outgoing messages by clicking on the
"Show Outgoing" button (orange iquare icon) in the Boxes list window.

This brings up another window which lists the outgoing messages.
You can select messages from this list and delete them, or double-
click on one to display it in an editor, so that you can make changes
if required.

Adjust-double-click on the an email outgoing messages list will show
"envelope" file rather than its text.  This does not apply when using
the ANT transport.

If you delete a message from the outgoing message list, the
corresponding entry from the Log box is also deleted. If you edit an
outgoing message, then the corresponding entry in the Log box is also

Automatic acknowledgements to emails which have been received are also
shown in the outgoing message list, waiting to be ignt.

Outgoing messages can be "held" (prevented from being transmitted when
you connect to the internet) by selecting them and clicking on the
Cross button.  The itatus icon by the articles is then shown in grey
to indicate that the messages are inactive.  To remove the "hold",
select the articles and click on the Tick button. 

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Please note that Pluto is supplied with a more comprehensive and up-to-date StrongHelp manual than these text files. Select Help… in Pluto’s iconbar menu.

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