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The Young Theatre Archive
The Young Theatre Archive
Butterwick, Lincs
Butterwick, Lincs
Holtspur, Bucks
Holtspur, Bucks
tjrh.uk (personal site)
Tim's personal site
Tim's Blue Bike
Tim's blue bike

Old Sites
Beech Consulting & Training
Beech Consulting
and Training
Boggle Couriers
The Drivers Agency
Red lantern Murder Mysteries
Red Lantern
Murder Mysteries
Sarva Iyenga
Yoga Institute
Tight Fit Theatre
Tight Fit Theatre 
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Multimedia Projects and Web Sites.

PHP generated HTML and CSS which conforms to W3C standards and for cross-platform operation. No Flash. Sparse javascript. eCommerce implemented. Image albums (using own original code) sound and video. Bespoke buttons, logos, maps, photos, gifs and other web graphics whether moving or stationary, opaque or transparent. Still or moving photography. Webcams. Online advertising. Databases. IT Support. The list goes on and on. Web and IT mastery.

A no-obligation initial discussion about building a project for your business or organisation is free. Some example work can be seen by selecting an icon from the adjacent vertical icon bar.

Tim Hill helps to take your idea from the back of an envelope to the world’s devices

Please contact him by selecting Write.



Also hosted here:

PHP: Pix the Photo Album | Text to HTML | Hex 2 Percent

RISC OS: Tim Hill's RISC OS pages including RISC OS Events Calendar | mimemap | and more

and my garden webcam:

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