Welcome. If you are looking for a starting point or a means to take page-by-page satisfaction ratings and feedback from visitors, this could be for you.

A quick description of the files present in this directory:


Run the file feedback.htm

this offers you a form which accepts a rating and an optional comment. You can download it from the File Catalogue and adapt it for use on your own pages. It contains comments in the HTML to guide you.


This is the file that processes the form data from feedback.htm when RATE is pressed. As it stands, this needs to be downloaded from the File Catalogue and stored in the same directory as the page with the form. It contains comments in the PHP to guide you.


This file generates the File Catalogue. Please see Cat.


This is the comma separated datafile which for each form submission from feedback.htm has a new row written to it by feedback.php with the time, the visitor's URL, the rating and any comment. You can then analyse your data in a spreadsheet.


This file.

N.B. This has been thrown together quickly and isn't meant to look pretty. That's up to you.

Tim Hill.

Note: this is a genuine form so you can leave feedback about this page

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