Buttonbar for NetSurf Buttonbar for NetSurf

Buttonbar for NetSurf

Extra shortcuts for NetSurf

Download Buttonbar4Netsurf.zip

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Screenshot of Netsurf with Buttonbar
Screenshot of Netsurf with Buttonbar

Works with RISC OS 3.n, and < 5.2n. 4.n and 6.n unknownTo begin with, there were just two things I wanted buttons for in Netsurf: editing the page and occasionally displaying edges (which keypress does that?).

I fired up the excellent !BBarEdit (you'll need this from: www.flypig.co.uk) and when I created this one for NetSurf, I though it sensible to add the few other functions operated by a keypress shortcut. There are clickable buttons for: Help, Page Info, Clear address bar and Enter 'www.', Save as text, Save as draw, Enlarge, Shrink, Show edges and Edit.

Download it now. Only 28K. Buttonbar4Netsurf.zip

NetSurf ButtonBar

(also see some old versions of NetSurf for RISC OS stored here)

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