EXIFinfo format DtRnm-Tim EXIFinfo format DtRnm-Tim

EXIFinfo format DtRnm-Tim

Add time and device to jpeg filenames

Download Formats_EXIFinfo.zip

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Works with RISC OS 3.n, and < 5.2n. 4.n and 6.n unknown

This zip file contains a skeleton !EXIFinfo application directory which contains only my version of a Formats file called !EXIFinfo.Formats.DtRnm-Tim. Using EXIFinfo with this file will turn (e.g.)
Dsc00054/jpg into
Which means I was photographed at 11.08 am on the 22 July 2006 by my own phone.
Download it now. It's only 1303 bytes. Formats_EXIFinfo/zip

You will need !EXIFinfo as well, of course

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