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This page up to date on: 03 Mar 2024

Works with RISC OS 3.n, and < 5.2n. 4.n and 6.n unknown

!FileCaret is a mini application for RISC OS < 5.2 which loads onto the iconbar. Any file you drop on it is assumed to be text and will be sent to the current caret position. It is very useful where the clipboard doesn't work, e.g., for users of Prophet who wish to import a single address. (For Prophet's multi-line writeable icons, ensure line endings are CR/LF beforehand). FileCaret is also able to write text to a Fresco web page text field (where the Clipboard does not work).

Download it now. It is only 2K. fc/zip

Users of RISC OS 5.2 and above (which give the input focus to filer windows) need to use Typer by Martin Bazely. Drag a text file to its iconbar icon and then click it once the input focus is where you want it.

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