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Files which duplicate the Filer Display options for the directory they are saved to

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This page up to date on: 03 Mar 2024

Works with RISC OS 3.n, and < 5.2n. 4.n and 6.n unknown

Fist helps manage Filer Display options easily for individual directories.

Do you get frustrated? Is there one particular directory which never seems to show its contents in the way you want?

This collection of files can provide you with a shortcut to those settings without having to resort to using the Display option in the filer’s menu which changes EVERY subsequently opened folder’s settings. This collection is called Fist for two reasons. One is in honour of StrongED, which uses a fist as its iconsprite, but the real reason is that Fist is also short for “Full information, sort by type”. If you download the zip file and run the application inside it, it will open its list folder which contains twelve OpenDir files giving all the combinations of Icon size and Sort type. I hope you find the filename abbreviations obvious: a quick glance at the filer menu options will help to remind you. Simply copy one or more of those files to any directory, and double-click it/them for those settings to take immediate effect without changing the system default.

Also contained inside the application is a Basic file which, when run, will create the !Fist files from scratch in the same directory it is located, just in case you delete or move any by mistake. Even though it uses OpenDir typed files (which are really just obey files in different clothing) you do not need !OpenDir in order to run !Fist. That collection of files is designed to provide shortcuts to commonly accessed directories. Fist files can just as easily be edited to provide that functionality, just drop them into your favourite text editor to alter their default position on your screen and whathaveyou. If you change the name of the file, change the first line of it too. Filer window positions can be gleaned by placing them where wanted and then examine the Desktop Settings file (In the Tasks window: Menu > Desktop Settings... > drag icon to an editor) but never save one, only examine it by dragging it to a text editor.

Please note that !Fist needs to be 'seen' by the filer before these files will work, so please add it to 'Look at' in Configure > Boot. Also, the files are not run automatically so always need to be run manually.

Download it now. Only 8K. fist/zip

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