mimemap for RISC OS mimemap for RISC OS

mimemap for RISC OS

Tim Hill's comprehensive mimemap file

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This page up to date on: 23 Jul 2024

Works with RISC OS 3.n, and < 5.2n. 4.n and 6.n unknownHere is my mimemap file for RISC OS. The textual file “mimemap” as provided here is the local version of a data file which is read by the system module MimeMap. Together they provide other parts of RISC OS and its applications with the ability to understand “foreign” filetypes denoted by file extensions or MIME types when transmitted over the internet or read from ‘foreign’ storage. This is what enables a .jpeg received by email, over the web, or read from, say, a Sunfish share, to be correctly filetyped as JPEG and correctly displayed as such by the filer. Various versions of the mimemap file are or have been distributed with various versions of RISC OS. All I am trying to do here is provide a consistent comprehensive resource that can be used across all RISC OS versions. It is freely distributable (everyone has a copy!) and fully editable.

I am using the same file with both Iyonix and Raspberry Pi 2B. My primary purpose is to keep them both working optimally, hence I hope to keep this file as up-to-date as possible. The link will load the file “mimemap” into your browser so save it from there. All remaining information is contained therein. Please read that before you overwrite your existing file. Download mimemap

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