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Works with RISC OS 3.n, and < 5.2n. 4.n and 6.n unknownWebjames+PHP is a web server with integrated PHP interpreter for RISC OS. Versions 0.24 and earlier were written by Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen and later versions including 0.48 here were developed by Alex Waugh. The source was released in the hope that others will improve and extend the program but this is not included here. Distribution and use of the application is permitted under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and The PHP License so it is included here for the convenience of the RISC OS community.

An updated version of WebJames+PHP which is also compatible with ARMv7 is available from riscosports.co.uk

My Rasberry Pi is running this software 24/7: here's this very page on my personal server. For the technically minded, here are a few of the major variables and the output from phpinfo(). Note the PHP version is 5.2.2 and that php.net is up to 7.2.2 and although some of the more recent additions obviously won't work, they are rarely encountered and there are usually easy workarounds when they are. - Tim Hill.

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